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Inquiry No. E1010604020128
Posting Date Nov-19-2012
Genre Manga
Category Science Fiction / Fantasy / Action / Hero
Language English
Material Description In the Land of Beauty, there lived peacefully the wizards, but one day all the wizards were turned into cats by a mysterious light from the sky. Then the new influential power starts to hunt the now powerless ex-wizard cats and begins to rule the country on their own terms. Also the Great Wizard, the one to hold the key to their destiny, is turned into a plain “big fat cat.” Moreover, when the Great Wizard protects a girl who stayed as a human that possessed the Magic Book, he starts to face more persecution. How can the powerless big cat without magic face the danger that is trying to reach the human girl, and what is the reason the new influential power care so much about the Magic Book?
It is an adventure-fantasy story of a big fat cat and its fellows trying to bring back the peaceful world written in a spectacular scale. It is in a series with episodes #1 through #3 already been published in electronic book. It has also been distributed in China.
Appeal Points An adventure-fantasy manga which lets the powerless wizards that were turned into cats by a mysterious light to think what "courage" and "friendship" is through their adventure. Wishes to be published in overseas except in China and to be adapted as animation and games.
Target ES, MS, HS, US, Teens, Twenties & Families
Release Date 2011
Series or Single Series
Exclusive or Nonexclusive Right Exclusive right
Sales Situation On sale
Current Media Smartphone, E-book store in Japan, and China mobile distribution
Current Sales (US$) -
Duration 20 min. / 1ep.
License / Assignment License
Timing to be transferred Possible immediately
Media Franchise (or Multiple Use) Animation, Game, Goods, and Overseas distribution exp. China.
Preferred Price (US$)
Operation Costs

The cartoonist was awarded the honorable mention at the certain famous boys comics prize.









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