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Inquiry No. EL1011103020129
Posting Date Nov-19-2012
Genre Manga
Category Romance / Business / Success
Language English
Material Description The main character wishing to become a fine maid like her grandmother enters a mansion of handsome scions where her grandmother used to work. However, she finds out the place is a dream workplace for other maids that is flooded by many applications from well-known agents. Then, a recruiting test is held to choose one maid… It is in a series and episode #1 is published in electronic book. It is also distributed in China.
Appeal Points A comic of a maid who struggles in a mansion of handsome scions to become a fine maid like her respected grandmother. Wishes to be published in overseas except in China and to be adapted as animation and games.
Target ES, MS, HS, US, Teens, Twenties & Thirties
Release Date 2011
Series or Single Series
Exclusive or Nonexclusive Right Exclusive right
Sales Situation On sale
Current Media Smartphone, E-book store in Japan, and China mobile distribution
Current Sales (US$) -
Duration 20 min. / 1ep.
License / Assignment License
Timing to be transferred Possible immediately
Media Franchise (or Multiple Use) Animation, Game, Goods, and Overseas distribution exp. China.
Preferred Price (US$)
Operation Costs










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