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Inquiry No. EL1010309010112
Posting Date Apr-04-2011
Genre Manga
Category Family / Home / Romance
Language Japanese
Material Description The longed baby weighed only 1,420 grams. While spending the days with confusion of taking care of the first child, the relationship with the husband becomes awkward… Everyday real-world problems of raising a child, the relationship of a couple, and childcare issues are brought up like a handbook but in the manga form which makes it enjoyable to read. Never-stale themes in this 3 volume-manga are perfect for ladies’ e-comics and mobile comics!
Appeal Points This comic series describe with reality the feelings of new mothers as well as their permanent theme: first birth to her child. The story was published as independent books by a major publisher and was also introduced in newspapers as a topical gimmick..
Target Women, Twenties and Thirties
Release Date 1996
Series or Single Series
Exclusive or Nonexclusive Right Exclusive right
Sales Situation End of sale
Current Media Comic magazine
Current Sales (US$) US$ 70,000
Duration 5 hours
License / Assignment License
Timing to be transferred Possible immediately
Media Franchise (or Multiple Use) Comics, Magazines, Newspapers, Cell-phone, and Digital book
Preferred Price (US$)
Operation Costs

There are three volumes.


1st frame: Peek
2nd right frame: Thump!
2nd left frame: Woman (That baby…it’s so small.)
3rd frame: A tag indicated: Born with 786g.
                   (*Even half the size of our baby.)
                    Woman (Ah, this.)
4th frame: Woman (This is the baby I gave birth to.)



1st frame: Woman (I couldn’t stop my tears from coming down 
                                    all through that night.)
2nd right frame: Woman (I wanted to cry out loud but since I was 
                                              sharing the room.)
2nd left frame: Woman (I cried only with my face.)
3rd right frame: The next day
                             Woman "Wow!"
3rd left frame: Woman "My eyes are puffed up and all red!"
                          Woman "I look like a ghost."



1st right frame: Woman "Hello."
                            Woman "Oh, she’s crying hard!!
                            Screaming baby "Gyaaa!"
1st left frame: Screaming baby (Bang Bang!)
                          Screaming Baby "Waaa! "
                          Woman (Wow, she’s crying hard and banging 
                                          her head on the wall of incubator.)
2nd frame: Woman (She’s strong… I’m flaccid and wincing.)
                     Woman (Mommy is here. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.)
3rd right frame: Nurse "She was crying all last night."
                             Woman"Oh no…"
3rd center frame: Woman (So you were crying when a baby was 
                                                 squeezing out my breast milk.)
3rd left frame: Nurse "I asked the doctor since she was crying so 
                                       much and he said we can give more milk to 
                          Other "Really, how nice, Yuki!"



1st right frame: Baby (Suck suck)
                             Woman (Ah, she started sucking.)
1st center frame: Woman (It not coming out.)
1st left frame: Woman (Hey, try drinking. It’s good.)
                          Baby (No, no.)
2nd frame: Crying baby "Waa Waa."
3rd right frame: Woman "Why? How come? It’s mommy’s milk."
                             Nurse "It’s only the first time. Don’t try so hard. 
                                          Shall I bring the feeding bottle?"
                             Woman "Hmm, but I’ll try a bit more…"
                             Woman (I’m hungry!)
3rd left frame: Woman (It said in the book that…)
                          Woman (the baby who got used to the bottle first 
                                    won’t drink breast milk…)
                          Woman (Worried.)

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