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Inquiry No. EL1010410010063
Posting Date Jan-17-2010
Genre Manga
Category Action / Hero / Comedy
Language Japanese
Material Description A group of 88 Japanese grandmas was formed to keep the peace around the world. Using many high-tech gadgets, they fight against the invisible enemies everyday. It is special episodes of a character spin-off within parent series.
Appeal Points 4-frame comic strip about a grandma troop which is the spin-off from another popular manga. It is a series of 6 episodes.
Target Men, Women, Twenties, Thirties, Forties, and Fifties
Release Date 1999
Series or Single Series
Exclusive or Nonexclusive Right Exclusive right
Sales Situation End of sale
Current Media Comic magazine
Current Sales (US$) US$ 30,000
Duration 6 hours
License / Assignment License
Timing to be transferred Possible immediately
Media Franchise (or Multiple Use) Comic magazines, General magazines, Newspapers, Games, Goods, and Online media for PC & Cell-phone
Preferred Price (US$)
Operation Costs

6-episode story.
It was published in a comic magazine of a major publishing company.
*The images are shown randomly.

Lower right: Woman “Good evening, master.”
Man “Hey, long time no see.”
Lower left: Woman “Grandma troop, huh…”


Upper right: Woman “Can I have a Gin Lime?”
                      Man “Ok, Joanna.”
Lower right: Man “How is your work?”
                      Woman “Too busy. I’m getting dizzy.”
Upper left: (A grandma is flickering.)
                   Woman “It’s calling.” “Master, check please.”
Lower left: Woman “Oops-a-daisy !”
                    (While saying, the woman lifted the grandma.)
                    Man “Huh, what a woman…”


Upper right: “Here-  We need to dance the strawberry sitting 
                       dance- obeying the Destiny Stone’s prophecy!! ”
Upper left: (A phone call with love to grandpa troop before 
                    going to bed.)
Lower left: (Of course, the phone lines in grandmas’ room 
                    are messed up.)

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