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Inquiry No. EL1011011010062
Posting Date Jan-17-2010
Genre Manga
Category Comedy / Business / Success
Language Japanese
Material Description It is a 4-frame comic strip about an everyday life of an office working girl.
It was serialized in a major comic magazine and has kept 2nd to 3rd place in the reader’s popularity ranking.
Appeal Points A 4-frame comic strip about a female office worker.
It is a serial 16-episode manga. There are also other episodes for a character spin-off.
Target Men, Women, Twenties, Thirties, Forties, and Fifties
Release Date 1999
Series or Single Series
Exclusive or Nonexclusive Right Exclusive right
Sales Situation End of sale
Current Media Comic magazine
Current Sales (US$) US$ 10,000
Duration 15 hours
License / Assignment License
Timing to be transferred Possible immediately
Media Franchise (or Multiple Use) Comic magazines, General magazines, Newspapers, Games, Goods, and Online media for PC & Cell-phone
Preferred Price (US$)
Operation Costs

16-episode story.
It has been serialized in a comic magazine of a major publishing
*It is shown randomly in the website.

Left: Fresh morning, light jogging, the company is my dog Joshy.
Right: Fresh squeezed orange juice and a salad with vinegar…


Check the English newspaper and the day begins.


Left: Man “What are you good at cooking?”
         Woman “Well… I cooked some Sicilian-style meat sauce 
         last evening.”
Right: Woman “I made the Sicilian-style flavor using ripe tomatoes
            as the base and adding things like olives, anchovy,            
             jalapeño, thyme, oregano and whole pepper.”


Left: Man “You are really good around the house.”
         Woman “Oh, no… It’s just a basic thing!”
Right: Woman “This is really tough to memorize…”
            Ready-made (in a pan)
            Empty box (in her hand)

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